Netherite vs Classic

I am writing this article to speak a bit more in depth about the differences between Classic and Netherite. This is mostly for people who are undecided on which one to buy, for people who have already purchased Netherite the differences will be glaringly obvious. Although this could still be an interesting article for people who have already purchased, since it goes more in depth into the internals of how we do things here at RegeditMC, and some of our internal tooling and methodologies such as RegGuard.

Changes effecting Netherite development

Through our five years of regedit distribution we have learned a lot, and about a year and a half ago, we decided we needed to take action on this knowledge and take RegeditMC to the next level. Some improvements to Netherite are intentional, and others are just a result of our expanded and improved capabilities.

You should know that taking a snapshot of the company a few years ago and again now would look very different, but here is an overview of how we have changed and grown.

  • Expanded our team, hired developers, and settings experts
  • Expanded our community and reward structure, bringing on board 50+ dedicated testers trained in using our RegGuard methodology
  • Gained a deeper and more technical insight and knowledge into PC optimization and scientific approaches to testing in ways which remove all placebo

Some key differences with Netherite specifically.

  • Much more advanced and extensive Network Optimization
  • Expansion to other optimization areas such as CPU and RAM
  • Completely tailored to you, classic was custom but Netherite is really on a new level of customization
  • Has battled through and won 10+ testing rounds, using a point weighted system, blindly tested and ranked by our testing team
  • Been through an iterative improvement process spanning 1.5 years
  • Collaboration from our team of experts, working together to create the most streamlined protocol on the market
  • Since Netherite is our currently active project it is likely to get updates and improvements which Classic will not

Why would I want Classic?

You may be wondering why anyone would still buy classic after everything I have just went over, this is a valid point but I've taken the time to list a few reasons below.

  • Very smooth and nice feeling
  • Simpler, less overpowered, you might feel less guilty about comboing people
  • Nostalgia for Kohi and the good old days, you can get to experience what players experienced all those years ago when they first used the RegeditMC service
  • Cheaper price, if Netherite is out of your price range then maybe Classic won't be
  • Easier and faster form to fill out, less information about your PC needed


Maybe this article has helped you make up your mind, in which case you can head on over to the purchase page and select whichever service you have decided on! If you have any other questions feel free to send us a message from the contact page.

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