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About RegeditMC

RegeditMC was founded in 2015 by Orilation, an experienced Minecraft PvP player. After testing and experimenting with the windows registry the idea of a custom regedit was born. Originally Orilation planned to keep his findings to himself, only sharing them with a few friends, but soon enough more and more people became aware of Orilation's methods and also wanted to benefit from his developments. That's when Orilation launched the first version of RegeditMC and introduced a new era of registry tweaking to the Minecraft community.

During 5 years of constant development. we have evolved the original concept and managed to deliver the best custom regedits available. Our team of developers and testers have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours exploring new values and settings. This exhaustive research has enabled us to bring you products that exceed the performance of any previously available regedit on the market.

RegeditMC was the first company of its kind and has consistently managed to offer a superior experience to other products on the market. Everyone involved in the project is and always has been passionate about providing the very best for our customers, always pushing, testing then refining. Whilst others just copy and paste values without thinking about it, our regedits are fully unique and made for your system.

Now in 2020 we introduce a new era in RegeditMC history. We have taken that one step beyond anything else available and now have the ability to tweak settings that have never previously been looked at. The results are spectacular! With an elite sportsperson, the individual little things they change may make no noticeable difference, but when all of the tiny, positive changes come together, they can raise their game to the next level. This is the RegeditMC philosophy and during our research we have found new, never seen before ways to optimize your gaming experience. We cannot wait for you to get your hands on our newest “Netherite” package. We know you’re going to love it!

But enough about us, this project is about you. Our goal since day-one has been to improve any Minecraft player's PvP experience, communication with our customers is a key component of this. All feedback is gratefully received, tell us what you love, tell us your ideas for improvement. It could be that one on your ideas or comments helps us to shape our next release. Together we are stronger.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. Head over to the Contact page.

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