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RegeditMC's custom registry settings will make your connection smoother by streamlining the way your computer sends and receives gameplay data packets.

Tuned for you by experts

We don't all wear the same size clothes, so why all use the same regedit? The settings we modify are customised for your computer and your connection. We never take a “one size fits all” approach as what works well for one set-up could have a negative effect for another. This is the reason that you should never install “quick-fix” settings that can be found on the internet without fully understanding the implications of every change you make.

Powerful in Minecraft PvP

Connection settings have a larger impact on gameplay in Minecraft PvP than in most other games. This is due to the fact that Minecraft uses TCP (transmission control protocol) for sending time sensitive packets, and the way in which the Minecraft netcode was created in the first place.

  • Faster hit detection

    We can set it up so that your hits will register faster than ever before, many small changes come together to make a big difference here

  • Personalized knockback

    Depending on your connection, and pc, etc. your optimal knockback will be different, we factor this in when building your regedit.

  • The combo effect

    Due to the way packets are processed we can actually make it more likely for you to get combos, by tweaking a number of settings based on your connection.

Efficient in other games

Our custom regedits can also give you an edge in other games because a lot of the changes we make allow your pc to be more efficient in dealing with packets in general

  • Reduce input delay & increase throughput

    If you are a competitive gamer you know that every millisecond matters, our regedit will maximise your bandwidth and reduce input lag.

  • Minimize player flickering & movement lag

    If you sometimes have to deal with not being able to move properly due to lag, or can't hit other players due to flickering, then our custom regedit will help to minimize this.

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My connection has been fluctuating less, and everything has been smooth sailing so far

Happy customer

No matter what everyone else says about regedit being fake, this actually worked really well for me. Noticeably less KB (Or my internet took steroids) and hit detection is better, also, the faster pc tweaks and faster web page loading are actually working too! Only regret is that I didn't get lifetime updates!

Happy customer

Awesome, thank you so much! It is amazing and really smooth.

o6o Biologically
Happy customer

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